> at Times Square on September 14, 2015 in New York City.New York Fashion Week has given us a lot of amazing things in the last few days. I’m not just talking about trendy new clothes and makeup ideas—I’m talking about things that are making NYFW more inclusive and body positive. First we had Madeline Stuart, a model with Down syndrome, make her NYFW debut at the Hendrik Vermuelen Spring 2016 show. Now, supermodel and body activist Ashley Graham has helped launch the #PlusIsEqual campaign with Lane Bryant.

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You might remember that mystery advertisement in the September 2015 issue of Vogue with the #PlusIsEqual tag and the simple message, “It’s time for a change. Be part of it.” The photo featured the silhouettes of women of different shapes and sizes, but it didn’t tell us much more. The mystery behind the double page ad was finally revealed during NYFW when Lane Byrant officially launched their #PlusIsEqual campaign.

Several models came out to support the campaign besides Ashley Graham. Precious LeeCandice HuffineJustine Legault, Sabina Karlsson, and Georgia Pratt all joined Lane Bryant CEO Linda Heasley on stage at the event. The campaign comes shortly after Lane Bryant’s high profile #ImNoAngel advertisements, which were a direct response to the Perfect Body campaign from Victoria’s Secret.

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Ashley Graham told the Huffington Post,

“Everyone deserves to see themselves being represented equally. #PlusIsEqual is showing that curvy women are accepted, they’re represented and being made a priority in the fashion industry.”

Ashley is as well-known for her body activism as she is for modeling career—she started ALDA with a group of like-minded models. The group helps spread a message about body positivity and beauty without boundaries by delivering talks.

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Shortly after Ashley came out to support Lane Bryant’s #PlusIsEqual campaign at New York Fashion Week, she debuted her lingerie collection for Canadian plus size retailer Addition Elle at the shows.

> on September 15, 2016 in New York City.

This marked the first time that Addition Elle has shown at New York Fashion Week, and given the positive reception to their collaboration with Ashley Graham, it definitely won’t be the last. Ashley led a group of curvy models down the runway in sexy designs from the “Black Orchid” holiday collection. Models strutted down the runway in black lace bras, underwear, corsets, and baby dolls, as well as a few daywear pieces. The audience was encouraged to use the tag #IAmSizeSexy to promote the diversity of the show.

Lane Bryant’s #PlusIsEqual campaign and Additon Elle’s show combined with the #IAmSizeSexy tag are highlighting the importance of an inclusive fashion industry and there is no better place to get attention for the body positive campaigns than at New York Fashion Week.

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