When last we checked in with Lara Stone, she was doing a very good impression of a prisoner of war while modeling Calvin Klein’s painful-looking new “push positive” push up bras. Now there’s a video ad to go with the still ones, and she looks only marginally happier than before. Certainly much less happy than one should look when dancing to Salt-N-Pepa in one’s underwear.

The trouble, I think, comes from the commercial’s director, who seems to fundamentally misunderstand that jumping around to ’80s dance jams in only one’s Calvin Klein push-up bra is a joyful activity during which not even a supermodel should be expected to keep a straight face. And while the lyrics “push it good” were obviously meant to be sexual in nature, it’s still hell of goofy to have Lara Stone repeat them not once, but twice. (Again, with a totally straight face…I wonder how many takes that took?)

I understand sex sells and all that, and maybe the people at Calvin Klein think “Push It” is the most raw and untrammeled portrayal of female sexuality to come out since Madame Bovary. But in the future, it might be wise to either select a song with a bit more gravitas or let the damn woman smile for once.

(Via The NYDN)