Supermodel Lara Stone repped hard for her home country of The Netherlands in a recent T Magazine interview, demonstrating her comprehensive Dutch-ness throughout. When discussing the notorious cultural capital of Amsterdam, for instance, she fully endorsed the two vices the city is best known for: marijuana and legalized prostitution.

Via T:

“You just buy it and smoke it, and that’s a good idea — why not?” she says. “I used to smoke so much pot when I was living here. That’s why I can’t remember so much! But really, it’s just a plant.”

Is it bad that this kind of makes me like her more? Lara Stone sounds like fun! I would totally invite her over to watch nature documentaries and eat crunchy, salty things with me. I’m not sure smoking pot ever qualifies as “a good idea” if you smoke so much you start to forget stuff, but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s joking about that part.

And then, on prostitution:

“The women are their own bosses!” she says. “They rent their own space, they pay taxes. It’s better than standing on the corner like a crack whore. They get more bloody benefits than I do.”

This one, she probably could have phrased better. I agree with her that it’s important to have the sex industry be legal and regulated, but it’s not like the prostitutes in Amsterdam have zero problems to deal with. And I realize that the “they get more benefits than I do!” part is supposed to be a joke, but a fabulously wealthy supermodel complaining about the benefits doled out to prostitutes (many of whom are from poor countries) is kind of a bad look. So I guess this statement is half-decent?

And there is the annoying cliché that is “skinny model eats so much and never gets fat!”:

Grass or no grass, Stone isn’t much of a gourmet when the munchies descend, preferring a huge platter of French fries with mayonnaise (apparently she is one of those mythical beasts, a model who eats anything) to the more rarefied culinary efforts of her countrymen.

Except those aren’t mythical beasts at all; to read every profile ever written about a model, you would think all of them go around stuffing their faces willy-nilly, burning up the french fry calories with their lightning fast metabolisms faster than they can consume them. But Lara Stone is not the one who said she’s “a model who eats anything,” so I’m going to call that one a wash.

Lara Stone’s T Magazine feature: a mixed bag of endearing and annoying!