Lara Stone is one of the most successful models in the world (at a size 4/6!), the face of Calvin Klein, French Vogue covergirl many times over (she’s also outspoken and smart and ridiculously beautiful). …And we may have known none of this if she followed her girlhood dreams of becoming a garbage man. Well, not really. But she would mess with her parents by announcing as much.

I came from a standard family – my mum was a stay-at-home mum and my dad worked. So you think that’s what your life is going to be; meet a nice man, get married and have some babies. I know when I was younger I wanted to do tonnes of different jobs. I used to come up with these crazy jobs to try and provoke my parents but they said you can be anything you want. So I was like, “I want to be a garbage man” and they were like “That’s OK we’ll still love you!” And I was like “I want to be…” maybe not quite a hooker… I don’t know something outrageous and they were like “that’s OK!”

Sidenote: her current crush is celebrity chef Nigella Lawson:

For me, it has so much to do with people’s personality and the way they just are. You can have the most beautiful face but if you’re a real bitch, it takes away so much from your beauty. In my world, it’s really nothing special to look nice, you have to have something else I guess. At the moment I’m obsessed with Nigella Lawson. I think she is just the most gorgeous thing ever. Her skin practically makes me drool. I’d love to be just like her.

And her favorite thing from home (Holland):

Dutch liquorice, it’s like this really salty liquorice and every time I go to Holland I have to I buy these really big bags – they’re like 10 kilos each – and I have a big jar of liquorice next to my bed.

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