Thinking that using Latisse will make you look Brooke Shields? Probably not. But it could cause another equally dramatic change by turning hazel or blue eyes brown. And, unlike the problems Latisse causes involving eyelid discoloration which are thought to be reversible, the change is permanent. The Times points out that Latisse is especially risky when procured without a prescription and that:

“The Latisse [customers] buy online could be adulterated or fake. But even when the Latisse is the bona fide Allergan product, bypassing a doctor means a patient is not necessarily taught proper application or made aware of the potential problems.”

Like the part where you learn how not to change the color of your eyes. So if you’re thinking of using Latisse, consult your doctor first. Otherwise, if you’re looking for longer, fuller lashes? We recommend this really cool new thing called mascara.