lauren conradI try to avoid things that involve Lauren Conrad. Unless, of course, it’s that episode of Family Guy where she plays herself and Brian gives her worms. That’s a good one! But since I know there’s a chunk of the population who still thinks she’s the shit — why else is she getting on magazine covers? — I thought I’d take the time to share a couple of Conrad’s beauty secrets. Granted, their secrets you should probably have known already, but hey, it’s never too late in the game to join the party.

In the March issue of Lucky, the former reality star/business woman (I guess?), is asked exactly how she keeps her hair so damn perfect! You know, besides having a professional stylist who man-handles it before each shoot:

It’s not perfect, to be honest. I mean, I have my hairstylist, who’s been working on my hair for years, help with cut and color and all that, but for the most part I just kind of let it do what it’s going to do. I wash it every two or three days and don’t style it myself much.

As someone who washes her hair once a week — maybe — I can attest to this. Hair that’s a little dirty falls much better on your head. Once you get a couple days of natural oils and product built up, it’s amazing how great your hair will look. People who wash their hair everyday, or even every other day, are missing out. It’s a fact. Try it; you’ll see.

Lucky doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Conrad’s beauty “secrets.” Although her explanation on how she pulls off her “perfect” cat eyeliner: “Practice and Q-tip,” is a little hard to believe.

I have to say I’ve been practicing this for years and still can’t nail it. The only way I get to have perfect cat eyeliner is if I pay an expert, or I ship in Sam from Portland. Maybe I drink too much coffee or my eye just simply rejects anything more than mascara. I don’t what it is, but it’s extremely frustrating. Yes, it makes me sad.

Anyone else want to share their personal tips on hair and cat eyeliner? Will someone come over and help me do my eyes, please?


Photo: Lucky Magazine via Styleite