As anyone with half a brain knows, domestic violence is a real and serious problem that is not fucking funny or poetic in the least. But you wouldn’t know that to look at all the “edgy” fashion shoots out there that glamorize violence against women. Maybe that’s why I found this PSA starring Youtube makeup guru Lauren Luke to be so amazing and powerful. Finally, someone in the fashion and beauty community gets it that this is nothing to make “controversy” out of.

Produced by the non-profit domestic violence organization Refuge, the PSA seeks to reach as many people as possible by presenting itself as a real makeup tutorial. Luke starts out with some instructions on how to cover up one’s injuries (thankfully, hers are fake), but it ends with the message, “65% of women who suffer domestic violence keep it hidden. Don’t cover it up.”

Among all the dancing cats and annoying memes, it’s great to see someone use their Youtube fame for a good cause—if even one person donates to, or seeks help from, Refuge (or the Domestic Violence Resource Center, or The National Domestic Violence Hotline, or one of countless other organizations out there) as a result, Luke will have made a positive impact. And with over 100,000 views already, it seems like the video’s reach will be wide.

(Via Jezebel)