Here’s one for the blogs: a 29-year-old New Jersey woman named Lauren Odes claims she was fired on account of her outrageous hotness. Odes, a data entry professional, believes her looks and (comparatively) provocative fashions were too much for her Orthodox Jewish employers at wholesale lingerie company Native Intimates.

Odes says it was her figure that so offended her employers, not so much her clothes. She explained in a press conference yesterday, “When I first started working there, I asked what the dress code was, and I was just told to look around and see what everyone else was wearing. So I did. The dress was very casual athletic wear to business attire.”

Before long, the managerial pressure set in: “When I was first told that I was too hot and that my breasts were too large, I was shocked. After I was told to tape down my breasts, I cried.” A superior allegedly suggested she wear a “humiliating” red bathrobe over her clothing:

Even when she tried to dress more conservatively, Odes says management deemed her figure “distracting.” Although she agreed to purchase a long sweater to cover up, she was eventually fired. Odes’ employers reportedly told her, “You are just too hot for this office.”

Wait. How does an unknown woman with a fairly unremarkable workplace complaint hold a press conference?

As if it’s any surprise, Odes has called in the services of professional attention-getter Gloria Allred. She’s filed a gender and religious discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in New York.

“I understand that there are Orthodox Jewish men who may have their views about how a woman should dress… but I do not feel that any employer has the right to impose their religious beliefs on me.”

Do you think this is really about gender and religious discrimination? Or wanting to be famous? …Or all of the above?

(Photos by Getty; via ReutersHuffPo, NYPost)