Radiant transgender model Lea T can be seen doing blue steel on the cover of Elle Brasil this December, and she’s looking just as lovely as ever. She’s been featured prominently in many more “high concept” types of magazines before, but this is one of the most mainstream and high profile jobs she’s ever done. It must be especially cool for her to land the cover of one of the biggest women’s magazines in her native Brazil, as she has often described her struggles to fit in there. I’m also somewhat envious of her for that specific feeling of validation that only comes when your work appears (or at least gets name checked) in a publication your mom reads.

Here’s the rest of the editorial:

It seems like the fashion world is treating Lea T less and less like some kind of novelty, and more like just another impossibly tall and thin canvas with insane bone structure upon which to make art. Progress!

(Via Styleite)