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Happy Leap Day! February 29th is a special calendar date, one that only comes around every four years. What better way to spend it than by doing all of those beauty-related chores you can’t ever seem to find time for during non-leap years? I mean, we’ve been blessed with an extra 24 hours today, so you really don’t have any excuse not to get down to work, right? (Unless, of course, your birthday happens to fall on February 29th. In that case, you have our full permission to skip doing any chores today.)

The following are 10 beauty-related chores that you should totally make time for on Leap Day:

1. Do a full inventory of your skin care and beauty products
If you’re anything like me, you have a nasty habit of tossing products in drawers and then promptly forgetting about them. Take some time today to go through everything—every nook and cranny in your bathroom and bedroom—and take inventory of your products. Who knew you owned seven tubes of liquid eyeliner?! Better go remove that expensive one you just put in your online Sephora shopping cart, right?

2. Clean your makeup brushes
I know you’re rolling your eyes, but honestly, just do it. Because if you don’t, you will get pregnant and die expose your skin to nasty bacteria, which could lead to breakouts.

3. And while you’re at it, wash your face cloth and your pillow cases
Toss ’em in the laundry and then keep working your way down this list.

4. Clean your makeup bag(s)
Start by dumping out your products onto a surface that can be easily cleaned (ie. not your bed spread). If your makeup bags are machine washable, throw them in with your face cloths and pillow cases. If not, simply give the insides a good wipe down. God only knows how much sparkly pigment and blush has gathered at the bottom of those bags.

5. Do some skin care research
Been meaning to invest in a retinol cream but haven’t gotten around to it yet, because you don’t know anything about retinol creams? Right well, here’s your chance to do a bit of research! Get Googling, my friends.

6. DIY everything
This is less of a chore and more of a challenge: why not spend Leap Day whipping up your own homemade lip scrub or lipstick? Why not a hair mask or hand cream? Remember, if you can dream it, you can Pinterest it.

7. Organize your nail polish collection
What is it about bottles of nail polish that make them so susceptible to scattering everywhere? Gather ye nail polish bottles while ye may, guys.

8. Get rid of super old makeup and expired skin care products
Throwing away products you spent a ton of money on sucks, but it’s also a good reminder to buy only what you need—and to use what you buy. (Side note: this beauty “chore” is particularly important when it comes to your sunscreen. Sunscreen does expire, usually around the three-year mark. In order to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun, you need to make sure that the SPF you’re wearing hasn’t passed its expiration date.)

9. Clean out and recycle your near-empty skin care bottles and jars
Be inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s acceptance speech at last night’s Academy Awards ceremony and do something for the environment today.

10. Hunt and gather all of your bobby pins and hair ties
Me to my bobby pins: “I will look for you… I will find you… and I will organize you.”