I met Leighton Meester at a media event a few months ago, and she was so not friendly. Like, at all. But totally gorge.

20090531_lis_o05_109.jpgSo, of course I am interested in how her face “was did” for the MTV Movies Awards, and i am a big fan of CoverGirl makeup artist Molly R. Stern anyhow.

Molly said her goal for Leighton’s look was sexy with an edgy feel. She started by basing her skin with Cle de Peau’s new cream foundation in O20 and using Shiseido’s Accentuating Powder Blush is Glistening Brown.

When doing her eyes, Molly actually used one of my favorite products – Vincent Longo’s liquid eyeshadow in Midnight Mauve, dusted NARS night clubbing glittery powder eyeshadow.

Of course, the Covergirl Makeup Artist is going to use some of the line’s products, and chose good ones – Exact Eyelights Brightening Liner in Vibrant Pearl (this is actually a newbie, available in late July in stores) and their LashBlast Luxe in Black Emerald.

Image: Zuma Press