To be honest, I haven’t always been a huge fan of Leighton Meester. I pretty much despise Gossip Girl–besides the fashion and Chace Crawford’s jawline–and most of the time, she kind of already looks like somebody who used to call me fat in middle school (those emotional scars last, guys). I’ve actually heard she’s a lovely person to work with, so my instincts are probably way off, but I’ve just never been super fond of her.

But that doesn’t change the fact that she is quite stunning. However, her haircut for Gossip Girl, a long and wavy rather boring style, always made her look like the character she played: a schoolgirl. Now, though, she’s cut off a significant portion of hair and it looks really wonderful:

Personally, I love short wavy/curly hair! I think people often assume that if you have anything other than straight hair, you can’t pull off a short cut, but that’s not true. In fact, I think it looks much more vintage and pretty when shorter hair is wavy; it’s like automatic almost-fingerwaves (though perhaps I’m just jealous because I’ve always had extremely straight hair). I think it was a great choice to distance herself from her previous role as Blair Waldouche, and it makes me almost wanna cut my own.

Pics via People and HuffPo.