topless lena dunham screencap

Lena Dunham could poop on dinner plate and people would call it “brave,” and so it’s not surprising her latest Instagram selfie is getting a lot of attention. It looks like Dunham threw some cleansing wipes/mask on her face (or went to spa–look at that professional looking head towel with a snap) and took a picture when she’d achieved the full mummy look. I’ve been hard on Dunham’s whole shtick in the past, but I actually think this selfie is more effective than any of the times that she’s paraded around naked on screen.

While women look at this and are like “okay cool face mask Lena go take a picture of something interesting,” I would imagine many men are completely captivated. While primping and undergoing various beauty treatments is acceptable fodder for conversations with women, think about how quickly it becomes a shameful secret when men enter the room. How often have you heard variations of the following?

“I don’t really have to shave my legs–I just don’t have a lot of hair on my body.”
“I’m not wearing makeup.”
“I don’t really sweat at all.”
“Heels are just more comfortable.”

I love beauty products. I love doing my hair and makeup, and I’m all about face masks and weird treatments. But it needs to be okay to admit to doing that, instead of pretending we all roll out of bed looking like perfect painted dolls.

This might be my favorite Dunham selfie yet. It’s nice instead for people to own up to all of the crazy treatments women put our bodies through to maintain a false sense of “normal,” instead of pretending we all woke up that way.

Photos: Girls, Instagram // h/t Buzzfeed