lena dunham and lamby

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this, but it’s not exactly difficult to see a naked Lena Dunham. If you’ve ever stolen your friend’s HBO Go password to watch an episode of Girls, you’re well acquainted with a) her breasts and b) the confidence with which she displays them. Oh, and if you follow her on social media? You’re used to getting what I like to call Bonus Nudity– photos of Lena in various stages of undress, usually accompanied by her dog, Lamby. First, there was that epic photo of her bloody butt, after an agitated Lamby took a bite out of her. Today, there’s a more upbeat (and more naked!) photo of Lena and Lamby… in the shower together.

Along with the caption “low down dirty dogs,” the photo features a smiley, squinty-faced Lena, her presumably nude body, and a squirming, horizontal dog. There’s no word on who took the picture (boyfriend Jack Antonoff? BFF Jemima KirkeStyle icon/slumber party confidant Taylor Swift?) but I wouldn’t be that surprised if Lena discovered how to take a selfie through a shower door. Not sure how that’d be possible, but I honestly wouldn’t be shocked.lena dunham naked in the shower with lamby

So how do we feel about this photo from the perspective of, like, a beauty site? We wouldn’t exactly recommend showering with your pet (even though I absolutely would, if my cat wouldn’t murder me), but we’re not here to judge. It might not be the most hygienic choice, and it might not make washing your hair all that easy or comfortable, but if it means you have cuddly company, who are we to say you shouldn’t?

Photos via @lenadunham