Everyone who spent the past several months crowing about how unamused they were by Girls’ excellent, awkward, Larry David-ish humor (and also how TV characters have to be totally likable people who never make mistakes or do shitty things) received their comeuppance yesterday when the show was nominated for a whopping four Emmy Awards. Impressive!

About a year ago

When interviewing Lena Dunham on the subject, Vulture asked her how she was going to celebrate. As it turns out, she’s not going to celebrate by going out to a steak dinner or popping a bottle of champagne, but by eating a freaking burrito for lunch. And not even the gross kind.

I’m already looking for a menu because I’d like to eat a burrito at lunch. Literally, the minute I found out, I said, “I’m eating a burrito. No one is going to stop me. I’m having a fucking burrito.” Normally, I go more in the salad direction. I begrudgingly eat a salad and supplement it with too many nuts.

Who is telling her she can’t have burritos, or…nuts? Who is she so angry at? I’ll tell you: the anthropomorphic embodiment of her diet that she has created in her head as a result of hunger hallucinations. This is how someone who is very angry at Boney the Diet talks. Ask me how I know!

When asked why burritos are off limits for her (they’ve got the potential to be fairly healthy, after all) Dunham did not answer the question, but elaborated on what type of burrito she wanted:

I’m not even a burrito traditionalist. I want a whole-wheat burrito with chicken and guac and cheese and rice and lots of vegetables. I don’t even want some grotesque thing that’s going to make me feel like I’m about to give birth to twins. I just want something in the burrito family. There’s a place near here that’s going to satisfy my needs. I want to do that and then — this proves how dorky my celebration will be — I want to lie down and read all my New YorkTimes from the week. I’m going to read my World of Interiors magazine, and I’m maybe going to eat some vegan cookies in my bed and listen to the new Ellie Goulding single over and over again. I’m saying rager. Tell all your friends.

Hmm. This, plus the constant spin classes, plus her rapidly shrinking frame make me think Lena Dunham is on the mother of all weight loss programs.

I’m not going to judge her for it, because that would go against everything I just said in my fat acceptance article. Fat acceptance is not about judging people for how they decide to handle their own bodies and their own health. And, given the intense pressure on women in the entertainment business to be thin, her desire to lose weight is very understandable. I do, however, wonder what this will mean for the show, because Hannah‘s weight and body issues were a major theme of the first season. And Hannah’s body is Lena’s body. Hence, it stands to reason that they’ll need to find a way to write Lena’s weight loss into the script. Either that, or Hannah could just abruptly stop talking about it. Or lose a bunch of weight, but still feel incredibly insecure about her body. Which does happen. Believe it or not, losing a ton of weight is not the magic life-improver the diet industry makes it out to be.

(Via Vulture)

Photo: Comedy Central, Jezebel