Spring is normally the time when we see lots of pretty new pastel hair color trends, but the latest look doesn’t have anything to do with soft macaron hues. It’s actually all about animal prints, specifically leopard. That’s right, leopard print hair dye is the latest hair color look that has beauty lovers obsessed.
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Creative people have been experimenting with leopard print hair colors for a few years. A lot of them have been experimenting with hair chalks and temporary hair colors to add some fun to their one-color hairstyles. However, more permanent leopard color hairstyles have recently started gaining attention on Instagram.

Bleach London, aka one of the coolest hair salons around, recently shared a photo of someone with a short buzzcut rocking a bold leopard pattern on top of their buzzed locks. And if they’re doing it, you should be paying attention. After all, they’re the ones that helped popularize many of today’s rainbow hair colors including checkerboard hair.

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When it comes to deciding on your leopard look, there are more options to consider than you might initially think. A “realistic” brown leopard is the most classic look. (If covering your head in leopard spots can be called classic.) However, that is just the starting point. You can experiment with neon colors, pastel shades or another type of monochromatic look.

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Placement is another thing to think about. Do you want your entire head to be covered in leopard? Do you want a surprise undercut under your long hair? Or do you want a few spots on the side of your head? Similarly, size is another consideration. Do you want oversized spots, small ones or a combination of all of them?

No matter what option you decide, you can pretty well guarantee that you’re going to end up with a fun look.