I’d just like to say that I’ve been in love with Leighton Meester long before Gossip Girl. I loved her when she was on House playing the 17 year old who fell in love with Dr. House and went on motorcycle rides with him, and was generally exactly who I wanted to be at 17. And I loved her when played the Britney Spears character on Entourage. And I really do love her on Gossip Girl.

And now Vera Wang loves her, too. She’s the inspiration behind Vera’ new fragrance and Wang told WWD Meester’s “beauty, talent and spirit will inspire all the young women that I hope will enjoy this passionate, new young fragrance.”


Can we please start paying as much attention to her as we do to Blake Lively? I’m talking to you Baz Luhrmann. Because, while Blake Lively is probably a wonderful person,  she sounds like a marshmallow mouthed hussy much of the time, and I’m waiting for someone to figure out that it’s Leighton who deserves to be on Vogue covers.