When we apply sunscreen, the best SPF formulas disappear into our skin and we leave them be to do their magic. If you’ve ever wondered if that sunscreen is really protecting your delicate skin, Life Pixel has produced a video that shows you just how effective properly applied sunscreen can be.

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The side-by-side video is a comparison between what it looks like when you apply sunscreen in visible light and when seen through a UV lens. On the left side of the video, the camera uses a regular lenses while on the right, it uses the special UV lens. The split screen video depicts a woman going through her sunscreen application process simultaneously in both frames.

On the left side, it looks like most of our sunscreen applications. We see her apply the product with her hands and then it work it into her face until it disappears.

The UV lens shows that while that sunscreen might have “disappeared” into your pores, it is still very much there. When the woman holds up her hands when she’s applying the sunscreen, it comes through as a black liquid on the UV lens side. And after she applies it to her face, we see how the product has formed a black, opaque “shield” across her face. The human eye might not be able to detect it, but it’s still very much there.

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The video was published in 2014, but it has recently started to go viral, probably thanks to the nice weather. While we all know the importance of wearing sunscreen, seeing just how effective it can be is quite amazing. It is also a brilliant tool to highlight the importance of applying enough sunscreen to all of your face and reapplying it throughout the day.

While most of us are never going to be applying our sunscreen with the help of a UV lens, the video will hopefully be a great reminder when you’re slathering on your SPF during your morning routine.