lil kim eyebrows

I remember, growing up, some of my mother’s friends would shave off their eyebrows and then draw them back on, which seemed insane to me. Possibly because I was at an age where all I wanted to do was be allowed to shave my legs (that age is 9.5) and I couldn’t fathom redrawing hair. Or possibly because it was, legitimately, completely insane. I remember one who colored her eyebrows purple, which struck me even then as elevating insanity to the state of something sublime. But then, she did not color them in grey.

Is that what Lil Kim is doing here? Is she coloring her eyebrows grey? Is this a sublime thing? I am not saying it’s bad to have grey eyebrows, I just, legitimately, do not understand why this would be desirable. At all. Please explain what is happening here. Namely: is this a thing we are doing, now? I feel like I am nine again, and do not understand anything. – via Buzzfeed