Supermodel Lily Aldridge attends the launch of Lily Aldridge for Velvet by Graham & Spencer at Bloomingdale's 59th Street on March 21, 2013

Lily Aldridge attends the launch of Lily Aldridge for Velvet by Graham & Spencer at Bloomingdale’s in New York City on March 21, 2013

Victoria’s Secret models be crazy! Sometimes they eat BBQ right before the runway show! Sometimes they forego even water for days on end leading up to the deeply ridiculous spectacle! While every single celebrity in the world answers questions about what they eat and how they workout exactly the same–fish and vegetables, chicken and salad, chasing a toddler, everything in moderation–Lily Aldridge is… the most recent one!

The Victoria’s Secret angel hung out with Refinery29 in Soho recently to ostensibly discuss her collaboration with Velvet, but the conversation focused largely on how cool it is being an underwear model married to the singer of a band. That being said, she comes off pretty reasonable.

Anyway! Diet stuff:

What kind of workouts do you do to prepare? 
Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen Bowers. She’s incredible; she’s changed my body in a really healthy way. It’s just amazing.”

In the days leading up to the show, what do you eat? 
“A lot of salmon and just grilled vegetables with olive oil.”

And, what’s your diet regularly? 
“It changes. Last night we had a spaghetti bolognese and a chocolate pudding. Today, I’m going for sushi. Everything in moderation — I don’t eat hamburgers every day, but if I want a hamburger, I’ll have a hamburger. I eat really clean and healthy most of the time but I think you need to indulge a little.”

And there you have it.

Read the rest of their conversation (and see looks from Aldridge’s Velvet collection) over at Refinery29.

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