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Do you like dance-y indie rock, gospel, English model Lily Cole, and doomed harlot narratives? If so, you’ll love the music video for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ new single “Sacrilege,” which stars the lovely Lily as a young woman who is just a touch too promiscuous for the vindictive little town in which she lives.

Directed by Megaforce, the beautifully shot video opens on Lily about to be burned at the stake like Joan of Arc while a bunch of bloodthirsty people look on. What did she do to deserve such a punishment? The video answers that question by looking back at receding chunks of time, Memento style, to reveal that her only crimes were being hot and believing in free love. From a mechanic to a high school kid to the sheriff to the sheriff’s wife to the town’s pastor (whoops), Lily just wanted to spread the wealth (poon) around. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

The kicker comes when you realize the town harlot is actually married, and that every single person she boned was at her wedding, tracking her progress down the aisle with predatory eyes. Poor girl never stood a chance! Let this be a lesson to all you would-be sluts out there: move to a major metropolitan area where no one knows your business, and try not to fuck people who are going to get upset and lynch you afterwards. Let this also be a lesson that Lily Cole was not just blowing smoke up our asses when she said she wanted to be an actress. She can look distraught with the best of them.