Disney Cinderella have courage be kind Photoshop ad Lily JamesAfter November’s Photoshop fiasco all over star Lily James in an ad for Disney’s upcoming Cinderella revamp, we had hoped that perhaps the next poster might be different. Alas, the official @CinderellaMovie account posted a brand new image and guess what? It still looks suspiciously like it has been edited to infinity and beyond. (Just a little Pixar x Disney crossing over for ya.)

Some of you may recall us commenting on how teensy tiny Lily James’ waist looked in the Cinderella ad released in November, including these before and after photos of James unretouched and the highly-edited ad:

Lily-James-photoshop-versus-non-photoshop-before-after-Marchesa(Left photo: WENN.com)

While a few commenters noted that corsets can affect how we perceive people’s bodies, it still feels unlikely that this alteration can be entirely chocked up to corsets and an optical illusion. There are, of course, women out there who have corset-trained their waists to look unnaturally narrow, which is entirely up to them, but this feels more like that awfully Photoshopped corset ad from earlier this year–much more so than simple garment magic.

If it is simply the way her dress is shaped–and, just to be clear, I do not believe that this is the case–this corset looks like it is drawn so tight that it almost makes you wonder why she’s even wearing it. As The Mary Sue points out, “dear god why would you make your star wear that?” There is a style and aesthetic that the film certainly appeals to that goes along with flared, elegant ballgowns and an hourglass shape, but do we really need yet another Disney princess whose body is altered (because corset training is altering) in a way that makes it as unattainable as the rest of them? Is it really impossible to imagine keeping a real-live actress’ body looking, well, like her body if she is to portray Disney royalty?

[h/t The Mary Sue]