lindsay lohan marilyn monroe

Though we don’t remember Marilyn Monroe kind of listlessly letting a cigarette flop about in her mouth as Lindsay Lohan seems to be doing in this Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot by Terry Richardson.

Also, isn’t this getting old? I mean, yes, Marilyn is indeed a troubled blonde star with substance abuse issues, but so is everyone. Alright, not everyone, but lots of old timey stars. Lana Turner. Jayne Mansfield. Frances Farmer (too dark? Too dark to a fun fashion photography series about a woman famously lobotomized?). It’s actually a shame that Mamie Van Doren didn’t go crazy, because Lindsay Lohan actually looks a lot like her.  In any event, only playing Marilyn Monroe all the time, when she had a facial structure that only very vaguely resembles Marilyn’s – insofar as it is a face – starts to seem ridiculous after a while. And she’s not even naked in this one.