I mean, Hugh Hefner still does.

Lindsay Lohan hs been offered $1 million to pose for Playboy, which, at first glance might strike you as quite a lot of money, considering, well, that’s she’s in jail all the time. But then you remember that Hugh Hefner has a soft spot for absolute trainwrecks – remember the twins who were arrested for fist-fighting? – and you figure oh, that Hef, with his choices, and then you think WAIT! This is Lindsay Lohan we’re talking about! I dressed up as her for Halloween 6 years ago because my boyfriend had a crush on her! (We all make choices). She’s only being offered $1 million!? She’s an A-list starlet posting for Playboy!?

Incidentally, in the preceding paragraph “you” is a code I’m using for “me.”

But I’m pretty sure there was a time (2004, circa Mean Girls) where, for just about everyone, Lindsay Lohan stood out as the definition of wholesome sexiness. If at 18, Lindsay Lohan had wanted to get naked, people would have flipping out. I’m sure I’d have gotten a copy just to see her airbrushed to perfection and feel bad about myself and read whatever Nabokov essay they were running that month.

And now, 7 years later… she’s probably going to pose for Playboy and people are just a little bummed about it?

She’s only 25. That’s an awfully young age to look at someone and be like “oh, she’s over the hill. Probably needs the money.” Shouldn’t some still be excited about this? I’ve checked in on people and general responses seem to be along the lines of “hasn’t she already been naked somewhere?” or “she has meth-face” or “I thought she was in jail.”

I wonder if we can pinpoint the time people stopped being attracted to her. Was it when she started stealing stuff? Was it all the drugs? Oh, God. It was I Know Who Killed Me, wasn’t it?