Remember those commercials from the 80’s and 90’s that showed you what your brain on drugs looks like? It always resulted in a very delectable looking fried egg or actress Rachel Leigh Cook fucking shit up in a kitchen. No matter what commercial you recall, the point was made. Unless your name is Lindsay Lohan, of course.

Then toward the end of the 90’s when meth started to become an epidemic in its own right, there were commercials (mostly in middle America, as I’ve never seen any out this way) that showed the before and after images of meth users. Those darlings weren’t as easy on the eyes as eggs for breakfast and usually warranted therapy, or at the very least, a stiff drink after witnessing them.

Now we have Lindsay Lohan’s contribution to why drugs are bad and why you shouldn’t do them — EVER. A reader of The Gloss actually tweeted this to me the other day because she was surprised that, to use her words “I can’t believe you girls at The Gloss weren’t all over this one of Lindsay Lohan.” Well, dear reader, I can’t believe it either but sometimes things fall between the cracks and when they do, we rectify!

I’m warning you now, this video is pretty damn disturbing and the haunting music doesn’t help the upsetting factor of it all. This shouldn’t just be a PSA for why drugs are the evilest thing in the world, but why plastic surgery, if not done moderately, can be just as horrific on your face and body as drugs. If LiLo doesn’t ease up on the visits to her surgeon’s office, she’ll be looking like Jocelyn “The Lion Woman of New York” Wildenstein by the time she hits 30 years old. Scary.

[youtube_iframe id=”_0Mi5Q-ExZ8″]