You know when you’re looking for something you’ve lost, and you try to remember the last place you saw it? You picture yourself at that moment in the past, breathing deeply to aid in the regression. Where were you standing? What were you wearing? What had you eaten for breakfast that day? What color was your hair?

Lindsay Lohan seems to be applying that same strategy to her search for her missing career, as her newly strawberry blonde locks would attest. Perhaps all the clips those talk shows played of her as a happy, healthy ginger made her realize this was the first step to redemption.

But like Lindsay’s faded career, her hair cannot quite attain the glow of its former glory. It appears faded, worn out. Like her checkered past, her blonde roots show through, revealing a problem that goes deeper than any touch-up can reach.

Or can it? Maybe she just needs a better colorist. In any case, at least she’s trying. The next step is to start banging better dudes.

Here’s a photo of her hair in happier times:

Never forget.

(Via HuffPo)