After one failed attempt at dying her hair back to red in hopes of re-starting her flagging career, Lindsay Lohan is at it again. Is it closer to the “right” red this time?

Well, it’s hard to tell from the poor quality smartphone photo, but it looks like she might be on the right track. Unlike the spun-out, washed up, drug-addled color she went with before, this looks to be much closer to Lindsay’s natural red, with hints of darker red, brown, and professionalism. This, to me, is a color that says “hi everyone, I’ve quit being an asshat. Let’s pretend everything since Mean Girls never happened and get me back to work!”

Of course, this is probably wishful thinking, but who knows? Maybe her performance in Liz & Dick will put her back on the acting map for serious. Probably not. But maybe!

Photo: Instagram