lip art

Oh, God, this lip/eyeball is terrifying! And fantastic! And terrifying. But mostly fantastic. The make-up artist Sandra Holmbom creates lip art that, at first glance, can trick you into thinking that it’s just really weird contact lenses. Or an eyeball on an alien. The Host frankly would likely be a better movie if all the alien’s eyes looked like this, but then, lots of movies would be.

Sandra claims:

Haha I thought it was a long time since I did something with my lips. Wanted to do something weird, yes, I can say that it is weird. But pretty, it’s not, but I had fun anyway. That’s what counts, or?!;)

There’s also a cool picture of the eyeball closed, though Sandra claims it’s “not as ugly.”

God, I wish we could get this woman to do our make-up. I think fresh faced looks designed to make you look younger are much more boring than looks designed to make you seem like you’re from another planet. However, until this is possible, I guess we can just amuse ourselves looking at other weird things she’s tried on her website. It’s not just lip stuff, either. She can do decaying wounds, too!

Via Reddit