angelina jolieI always wanted a set of big, full, pouty lips. I only have one. My lower lip is pretty full, but my upper lip is thin and pointy. When I was 12 and my orthodontist put braces on my top teeth, my mother said it made my lips look much prettier. When the orthodontist took them off when I was 17, I was stunned and disappointed to remember that I did not have full lips after all. I almost asked him to put them back on.

But getting braces is a bit extreme, so here are 12 easy, non-surgical lip plumping hacks that will make you the Angelina Jolie of your friends.

1. Red lips

fbe0655ed4e3840b15b5c798e047a736Dark red lips with a bit of gloss at the center of your bottom lip will make your mouth look huge.

2. Frosted lip trick

51d43ae5ab8abb2cbd21f65cd86a4845A bit of shimmer applied like this will make your lips look plumper.

3. Highlighter goes around the outside

9d1112cdf99760d98c609070b98233fdYou can contour everything these days.

4. Natural-looking lip plumping tutorial

12a464c2c82dc16edb23d5a75cf97e06This one actually leaves you looking like you’re not wearing anything on your lips.

5. Drawn-on lips

21be72df2479970f0460f8be02e280f5Don’t have full lips? Just draw them on.

6. More highlight and shadow tricks

5d38ff78b103fbb2caaab4f9e5dea42fA little bit of highlight in the cupid’s bow and at the center bottom of your lip can make your lips look all pouty.

7. Guide to drawing on your lips

6d390b4053535073d7afae6e4b8c766eIf you want to re-draw your mouth but aren’t sure which look to go for, here’s a quick guide.

8. Ombré lips

02b0c6db9783825ea4090b56ebda76d5It’s certainly effective.

9. Olive Oil and cinnamon lip plumping scrub

0cb856460f91b7d9cdd269cf9bc7ea37This little DIY lip scrub is an easy at-home plumper.

10. Cayenne and Kool-Aid lip plumper

50617ba781241ecd7d3e97fb109da714This seems scary, but also possibly delicious.

11. Lip plumpers from the store

b6936acdf33fe905ba5b2c1930b8aac0Personally, I like the ones that hurt when you put them on, because it makes me think they’re working.

12. Tissue lip plumper

d80a11582a6daebb77635f1571d2ccb9If you aren’t going to have to talk or eat and want to make your lips look bigger, you can roll up a little piece of Kleenex or tissue and stick it under your upper lip. That’s what my mother used to tell me to do to make my lips look more even. It works, but you can’t really talk or you’ll risk spitting wet tissue at somebody.

(Photos: Pinterest)