giorgio-armani-beauty-lip-waxI don’t know if you have had an opportunity to check out Giorgio Armani Beauty in a local counter or not – but it is well worth the effort to do so.  They have gorgeous counters, and really some amazing colors and products.

They are announcing their newest lip product – Lip Wax.  Very different from a lipstick or certainly a gloss, the Lip Wax comes in small black compacts and is applied either with your fingers or a brush, giving you a “second skin” of weightless color for your lips.  It reminds me a bit of an old fashioned rouge, or Tarte’s cheek stain.  

These are the shades that the initial collection will be available in:

n°1 Nude beige – a shade lighter than the natural lip color

n°2 Antique rose – a discreet lip highlight

n°3 Sienna – brings warmth to the lips

n°4 Raspberry – a colorful pink purple

n°5 Cardinal red – a bright, transparent red

n°6 Deep Chianti – a rich color for strong marked lips

I can’t wait to try these – Lip Wax will be available at your Giorgio Armani counter, or at beginning in October, and will retail for $26.