OK, I was searching through‘s site tonight on different makeup Fix-it’s and Fake-it’s, when I came across this lipgloss by Kevyn Aucoin. It’s called Liquid Cyber Lipgloss. says it is a Fix-It for discolored teeth, claiming that the liquid blue sheen brings out your teeth’s whiteness.

My questions are:

1. Who wears blue lipgloss?
2. No kidding that blue lipgloss will draw attention away from your teeth and straight to your lips.
3. They offer other colors, so does that mean Tenda (Pink) and Datura (Gold) are not Fix-it’s?

I admit I was looking at it because my teeth are forever stained by my endless and addictive coffee, tea and diet coke habit. Being pregnant, I don’t think I can try out Crest Whitestrips and what not.

So has anyone tried this? I promise I won’t make fun of you for wearing blue lipgloss if you tell.

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