liquid eyeliner hacksLiquid eyeliner is one of the most fun, but also one of the most notoriously difficult-to-master kinds of makeup. When it looks good, it looks really really good, but when it looks bad, it looks dreadful. Though nothing will improve your liquid eyeliner game quite like practice, a few tips and tricks from makeup hacking geniuses won’t hurt. Whether you’re an expert in the art of the cat eye or a shaky liner newbie, these liquid eyeliner hacks from Pinterest will come in handy.

Have at these 10 brilliant liquid eyeliner hacks:

1) Scotch Tape Perfection.You don’t need a surgeon’s steady hands to apply flawless and perfectly even wings when you have tape.

2) Soft As Powder.

This trick makes graphic lines less harsh.

3) Simplest Cat Eye Ever.

Consider winged eyes demystified. In your face, Cleopatra.

4) Try All The Different Styles.

Switch it up!

5) Try Something Completely Different.

Feel bold, look bold.

6) The Smoky Eye That Anyone Can Do. 

Banish panda eyes!

7) Connect The Dots.

This hack is great for beginners or if you’re hands are feeling a bit shaky.

8) Why Didn’t We Think Of This Before? 

It took me ages to figure out that pulling my eye-skin taut was making my cat eye wings uneven and probably giving me wrinkles.

9) What To Do If You Run Out Of Gel Or Liquid Liner. You don’t even need liquid liner to look like you’re glamorously wearing liquid liner.

10) Draw Inside The Lines.

It’s so simple! Just outline the shape you want and paint inside.

Photos: Pinterest