Is anyone besides me sort of bored by nip slips at this point? I mean, honestly, are we really still calling them “slips”? Because as is the case with Lisa Rinna, shown here with her breasts on display while walking the carpet at a party for jeweler Simon G in Las Vegas, celebrities’ continual flashes of breast, butt, and even — yes — vagina, are starting to seem mighty deliberate.

OK, that sounds Captain Obvious to me even as I write it. Of course they’re deliberate — as deliberate as the OG nip slip of Janet Jackson a few years ago. So the question then remains: Why do we even bother making such a big deal out of nipples, when everyone and their fucking mother (literally, in certain cases of public breast-feeding) is whipping them out? Should we not perhaps consider legalizing the public bare breast?

Well, since you asked, I suppose I’m kind of torn on the issue. I believe whole-heartedly that women should be able to show as much of their breasts as they are comfortable showing. Want to walk around topless in Central Park? Dine with your breasts in your soup? Impersonate Elizabeth Taylor and also show your areola? You have my blessing.

But then, well — where would that leave the Rinnas of the world? The fewer body parts that are taboo in our society, the more imagination they’d have to put into marketing themselves at times when they have no movie or TV show to promote. And what then? WHAT THEN?

As we move forward with this debate, all I’m asking is that you think of the actresses. Please. Think of the actresses.

Photos via Styleite