Living Proof Split Ender MenderEven if you love beauty products, there are always some things that you slack on in your routine. Some people don’t always take off their makeup, while others forget to wear sunscreen every day and only remember after they have a lobster sunburn. Another common area people slack is haircuts. Who really gets their hair cut every six weeks? A lot of people are lucky if they go to the salon one or twice a year to get their hair trimmed. For those people, Living Proof has launched the Fresh Cut Split End Mender, $24.

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The Fresh Cut Split End Mender promises to instantly seal and heal split ends to make it look like your hair is freshly cut. It’s formulated with zip technology that targets each individual split end. Plus, it contains a patented healthy hair molecule, OFPMA, to create a smooth, polished finish.

You can use the Living Proof Fresh Cut Split End Mender on any hair type. It’s versatile because you can use it on either damp and dry hair. It’s also okay to layer it with your other hair products. For best results, the instructions state to apply it to damp hair, focusing on the ends, before you apply your primers and leave-in products. After you dry your hair, apply a bit more for a final touch-up.

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I was intrigued by the Living Proof Fresh Cut Split End Mender. So much so that I was due for a haircut appointment but decided to push it back to see how good the product really was. I followed the recommended instructions and first applied the product to damp hair and styled it as usual. Then I finished the ends off with a bit more of the Split End Mender. My ends did feel softer and looked well-conditioned minus any stickiness or heaviness. I also like the refreshing scent.

Because styling your hair with blow dryers and flat irons can help camouflage split ends, I also tested the Living Proof Fresh Cut Split End Mender when I let my hair air dry. The first time I used the Split End Mender on damp hair, and the second time I used it once my hair was completely dry. Both times the ends of my hair were smoother and sleeker after I applied the product but there was no residue. Take a look at the before and after from when I left my hair air dry completely then applied the Freshly Cut Split End Mender.Living Proof Split End Mender Test

The recent warmer weather has made my hair more prone to frizz and expansion and the Living Proof Split End Mender tamed the fuzziness without making my hair feel like it had a ton of product in it. Does my hair look fresh-from-the-salon cut? It’s difficult to say, but the ends did feel good and look healthy.


If you’re looking to push back your haircut a few weeks (or a month), the Living Proof Split End Mender is your go-to product. It makes a good styling cream and works well with other hair products. It’s difficult to say whether it would bring back straggly ombre ends to their former glory, but next time I try a dip dye look, the Living Proof Split End Mender will be one of the first products I reach for to test out.

(Photos: Heather Cichowski/The Gloss)