It there was one reason to tune into the Super Bowl last Sunday, besides the game and Lady Gaga’s epic performance, it was for the commercials. If you’re a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, you probably went wild when the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales teaser was shown during the game. Well, get ready to go crazy again, because LORAC just announced that it is collaborating with Disney and launching a Pirates of the Caribbean collection to coincide with the new movie.

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In typical beauty brand fashion, LORAC made the big announcement on Instagram and the brand also kept things vague. The post included a video featuring a rendering of what appears to be some sort of palette or box set (a pirate’s chest?) against a twinkling night sky. The packaging features a compass detail on the front with a brown and gold color scheme that’s giving us major pirate vibes.

As for one what’s inside the palette, that is anyone’s guess right now. Eyeliner in honor or Jack Sparrow? Jewel-toned shadows? Although, it’s safe to say that whatever is in there is definitely some amazing treasure.

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What LORAC did reveal is that the collection will be dropping at Ulta and “other fine retailers.” Until we know more, we’re going to have one eye glued to Instagram and another glued to the television to make sure we catch all of the Pirates-related announcements.