One new palette launch is enough to make beauty lovers go wild, but three palettes launches? Now that is really something.  So, when LORAC announced on Instagram that it was dropping three new Unzipped Palettes, we knew that this was going to be something major.

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LORAC revealed that it is launching three palettes that are inspired by the stunning Southern California sunsets. The palettes include the Unzipped Desert Sunset Palette, the Unzipped Ocean Sunset Palette and the Unzipped Mountain Sunset.

Each of the palette contains 12 sun-kissed eyeshadows to suit its theme. Each palette includes a number of neutral shades and some flattering pseudo-neutrals such as neutral plum, muted pink and goldenrod. There are also a mix of matte and shimmery finishes to help you take the palette from day to evening.

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If you want a palette (or all three) they are launching on Friday, July 14 exclusively on the Lorac Cosmetics website for $42. They will also be launching soon at Ulta.

The LORAC Unzipped Desert Sunset, Mountain Sunset and Beach Sunset Palettes will launch on on Friday, July 14.