lorde mac lipstick pure heroine black eye liner campaign

MAC tweeted a preview photo from their new, Lorde-branded line this afternoon, and the teen musician looks fantastic. More importantly, she looks like her, brooding eyes and all.

The image shows two of the collection’s items: a vampy lipstick called Pure Heroine and a black eyeliner, modeled by Lorde. Sure, the photo has some dramatic lighting and some photoshopping of Lorde’s skin, but aside from what unfortunately is the price of doing business these days, she looks like the Lorde we’re used to seeing. Her hair is beautifully unruly, she’s not making some gamine sex doll face, and she’s not faking a plastic smile. She looks like the lovable, talented, awesome weirdo that she is, complete with dark lipstick and a bit of a scowl. I want to buy her makeup.

I’m not an idiot–MAC has a bottom line, and if they thought there was money in turning Lorde into Taylor Swift, I doubt they’d hesitate. But MAC has made good money off of the so-called outcasts–beautiful people who for one reason or another fall outside the beauty norm. I find this incredibly heartening–it tells me that existing outside our impossibly narrow beauty constraints isn’t the end of the world, despite what most messaging constantly shouts.

As a witchy weirdo myself, I’m thrilled to see Lorde being recognized as the very type of person worthy of mainstream adoration for her looks–bear with me, I know that sounds bizarre. But any expansion of the beauty standard is great news in my book, even if the end game is just to sell lipstick. Not only that, Lorde is a big weirdo who doesn’t dress, act, or dance like most teens, and any mainstream attention that she gets means less kids with bad self esteem will consider themselves freaks. Or that being a freak isn’t okay. You bet your ass I’m going to pick up the Lorde collection.

Photo: Twitter