When we find Photoshop before and after pictures on the Internet, we’re normally dealing with images leaked by editorial assistants or random Internet-savvy people, but because Lorde is more self-possessed than any of us were at 17, she releases her before and afters herself.

“i find this curious,” she tweeted. “Two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok :-)”

It’s unclear who took the pictures or who posted them for Lorde to find, but it’s very clear from the comparison that in the top picture someone has gone over Lorde’s face with Photoshop to make her skin look perfectly clear, luminous, and blurry. In the second picture, she looks like her usual fierce self, and has a bit of acne. Lorde seems pretty displeased by the editing that went on in the first picture,

Acne is totally normal, especially on teenagers. Lorde previously impressed us when she posted a no-makeup selfie wearing acne cream, making her officially the most relatable teen celebrity we’ve ever seen. We wish Lorde had been around when we were teenagers, because we spent a lot of time looking at super-polished celebrities in magazines and feeling like there must be something wrong with us because our skin wasn’t smooth, even, and poreless as a Barbie doll.

Even as proper grown-ups, we’re grateful to Lorde because we could use a reminder that flaws are OK every once in a while. She’s a pretty badass teenager, and that lipstick is so cool we find ourselves counting the days until her MAC collection comes out this spring.

(Photo: Twitter/LordeMusic)