It’s safe to say that most of us have Beauty and the Beast fever right now. We’re hanging onto every detail about the new film. Emma Watson‘s singing voice! The first cast selfie! The dress! The teaser trailer! What makes things even better is beauty brands are also getting in on the fun. Morgan Taylor announced its Beauty and the Beast-inspired nail polish collection. Now, L’Oreal is covering us on the makeup front with its very own Beauty and the Beast collection.

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And L’Oreal went big for this collection. According to preview images of the line on Instagram, the Beauty and the Beast makeup line features different makeup sets inspired by seven of the film’s main characters. The sets include lipsticks and nail polish and there is the option of buying the products individually or together.

The characters the sets are inspired by include a red combo for Belle (duh), classic red for the Beast, neutrals for Lumiere, a vibrant red for Cogsworth, soft pink for Mrs. Potts, plum for Plumette and rose for the enchanted flower. (Yes, we’re counting the flower as a character in this instance.)

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There is only one issue with the collection. It’s only available in Italy. That’s right, not even Europe, just Italy. Teen Vogue reached out to L’Oreal and the company confirmed that the range isn’t coming stateside. However, all hope isn’t lost. Amazon Italy does ship internationally. The Beauty and the Beast collection will launch on February 9 in Italy so you have a couple of days to figure out how the logistics of getting the cute line.