The spring and summer are the seasons when we think of fruit the most. Therefore, it makes sense that beauty brands are looking to juicy fruits for people inspiration. Everyone is familiar with Too Faced‘s peach range, but the brand has also been teasing a mysterious tutti fruitti launch. Frank Body recently dropped a Cherry Bomb Lip Scrub. What’s more, L’Oreal Paris has recently unveiled its Cherry My Cheri Eyeshadow Palette filled with fruit-scented shadows.

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The brand showed off the forthcoming eyeshadow palette on Instagram. If you’re after warm-toned neutrals, you will want to have the L’Oreal Cherry My Cheri Eyeshadow Palette on your shopping list because it features 16 sweet sun fruit-inspired shades. Think soft roses, corals, muted purples, tan, blush pink, sand and mink brown.

L’Oreal reports that the 16 eyeshadows have a creamy powder formula for a soft application. That being said, they are formulated with boosted pigments so we get major color payoff.

Besides the colors, the thing that everyone will be wondering about is the fruity scents. Flavored lip glossΒ is becoming more popular and there are already a few brands with scented eyeshadows, so it only seems right that L’Oreal’s fruity palette would have scents to match. The brand didn’t reveal too many details on the scent but used an apple, watermelon, banana and peach emojis and wrote “fragrance for yummy scent.”

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L’Oreal has yet to share when the Cherry My Cheri Eyeshadow Palette will drop, or its price, but we’ll be keeping you updated with all of the details.