Carmen Dell'Orefice

Imagine a perfect utopia in which all skin is tan and firm, all bodies are toned and hairless, all breasts point skyward and no one has a single lock of gray hair. Look closely: this world is terrifying.

…However, there is certainly a market for any and all kinds of anti-aging products and graying hair is pretty high on the list of concerns. Consequently, L’Oreal has announced they’re working on a pill that will prevent the little salt and pepper strands from ever forming:

The pill, scheduled to become available in 2015, contains an undisclosed fruit extract that mimics the chemical tyrosinase-related protein or TRP-2, an enzyme that protects pigmentation production, the company has said. The goal of the fruit extract pill is to prevent oxidative stress, a process that occurs when hair cells succumb to antioxidants and turn gray, L’Oreal officials say.

Alas, if you’ve begun graying by 2012, you’re out of luck, as the pill is preventative:

If you’re already fighting those coarse gray strands, the pill won’t help. According to L’Oreal, patients will have to take it every day for at least 10 years before hair starts turning gray and it will have to be taken for life — or until you decide to embrace the silver fox look.

MSNBC says that some dermatologists are concerned about the pill’s potential effects on the rest of the human body, like, I don’t know, the organs. Only time will tell if this miracle pill will actually do anything. However, before we get our hopes up that this thing works: how many times has a brand touted the latest miracle fruit/plant extract/unicorn balls/orphan tears that promises to make us all look young and perfect forever? Before we know it, sugary sodas are all “powered by acai berry” and no one’s any better for it.

But in today’s beauty market where terrors of mortality govern success, a little plastic pot of water, petroleum and kelp can retail for $200.


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(MSNBC via Styleite)