There’s sometimes an idea that the bigger the eyeshadow palette, the better. That’s not necessarily the case because when we have too many options, we can end up using the same few shades over and over. And a big eyeshadow palette isn’t as portable as other options. L’Oreal is making a case for mini palettes with the forthcoming launch of its La Petite Palette collection which means a selection of palettes for every personality.

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L’Oreal has begun teasing some of the the La Petite Palettes on Instagram. In the posts, the beauty brand describes the eyeshadows as being a mini size with maximum impact. Each of the eyeshadow palettes comes in a purse-friendly compact with five different eyeshadows.

L’Oreal has shared three different palettes so far. Each one comes with its own shades and campaign video with a model sharing their story. First up, was the Maximalist La Petite Palette with a campaign featuring Soko. The palette is described as having a bold personality with a sweet heart. It features a range of fiery neutrals to help replicate the singer’s signature burnt red eyeshadow.

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The second launch to be unveiled was Optimist. It’s the opposite end on the spectrum from Maximalist and features blue tones and neutrals that will likely appeal to mermaid lovers. The shades are described as vibrant and for creating a radiant look.

The most recent eyeshadow to be unveiled is Nudist. As you can probably guess, this is a versatile five-pan eyeshadow palette featuring wear-everyday shades.

L’Oreal didn’t give an official launch date in the teasers, but they did encourage us to be on the lookout for more eyeshadow palettes. Based on launches in other countries, there could be six La Petite Palette options in total, but stay tuned for confirmation.