I have heard of the Lipstick Index, but the Beauty Barometer was new to me…until I realized it’s essentially the same thing!



Basically, L’Oreal commissioned a usage survey, asking 4,000 women in the US and in 4 European nations about what they used and why.

The results are very interesting! Essentially, women have changed the shades they usually purchase – the look now is more “natural,” but are still using their favorite products.

Here’s some other results:

— Half of women think wearing makeup at work makes them appear more in control, and in result, gives them an advantage
— 40% of women are wearing more neutral shades now than they wore before the recession started

This is where the lipstick index allusion comes in – many women wear makeup because it makes them feel more self-confident and it also improves their self-image (this is over 80%!), and 90% have not changed their makeup usage despite the economic situation!