For a second, I thought that they were talking about a shot that was phat, but then I remember that scientists don’t use slang terms they read in YM in 2000. Because they’re scientists.

And they have, according to The Telegraph, engineered a shot that targets stubborn fatty areas, like double chins or rolls of belly fat. Those can be harder to work off, even if you run really hard, like the Michelin Man does:

michelin man

He runs so hard, to no avail. But his heart is in really good shape, at least. But you don’t even have to run to work them off!

The researchers have found they can burn off excess fat in specific areas of the body by injecting tiny capsules filled with a modified type of heat-producing cell commonly found in animals and babies.

The cells release “signals” that alter the surrounding fat tissue so surplus calories are used up by producing body heat rather than being stored as fat.

Tests in animals have shown that injecting the capsules caused obese mice to lose up to 10 per cent of their body weight even when being fed a high calorie diet. The researchers are now planning to begin treating obese dogs later this year. If successful and found to be safe, it is hoped that the treatment could be available for use in humans in around six years.

Do you hear that? In 6 years you are going to be able to eat like a pudgy rodent and still have a neck like a Modigliani model!

This is, incidentally, what the Michelin woman looks like except for her stubborn rolls.