Did you eat approximately 10 pounds of baked goods this holiday season? There is no shame in that! I mean, I don’t know, maybe if you ate them all at once there is a little shame. But would you like to lose all the weight without ever working out?

Of course you would! The Daily Telegraph is very excited about CoolSculpting, a procedure that is all the rage in America:

Those seeking a pre-emptive strike against the festive bulge are hooked up to a machine that uses vacuum pressure and deep cooling to target fat below the skin, freezing unwanted fat cells in the waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and back.

It works because:

The treatment, which takes anything from one to several hours, is relatively painless.
The skin and muscle tissue is unaffected by the procedure because fat freezes at a higher temperature than other cells.
Mitchell Levinson, Zeltiq’s founder, said trial patients had been monitored for three years without the fat returning.
A single treatment is usually enough for each love handle. A larger beer belly or a set of flaps of fat under the arms may need two treatments.

Or you could just embrace how delicious it is to eat food and have your pants taken out slightly.

Alternatively, you could just hang out at the gym.

No, just kidding. Freeze everything! It sounds insanely easy (although I keep suspecting that the fat will end up looking odd, somehow).

Picture via Batman & Robin