louis tomlinson shouldn't sell laxatives

We sympathize, Louis Tomlinson— it must be rough being universally worshipped. Everything you do will make some headline, everything you say will offend somebody, and you can’t even promote laxative use to 14 million teenage girls without criticism.

The One Direction star had a serious lapse in judgment when he posted a since-deleted tweet raving about a weight loss smoothie. Tomlinson says it wasn’t a paid sponsorship, and he claims that he didn’t realize the company promoted weight loss– but the tweet suspiciously contained three whole links to the product. Did he… not click any of them first?

louis tomlinson smoothie tweet

The website for Bootea boasts its ability to increase your metabolism (ehh), burn fat (probably not), assist in digestion (laxatives!) and suppress your appetite (yikes). They recommend eating a restrictive diet and using their “colon cleansing” tea every other night. Not exactly the healthiest idea to plant in the heads of your emotionally malleable audience, Louis.

According to E! News, Tomlinson’s rep stated:

Louis tweeted about the drink as he had one this morning and enjoyed it. However, he did not realize they are associated with weight loss, and would never endorse weight loss products.

Unfortunately, E! also reports that the Bootea website quickly sold out… right after Louis’ endorsement got 10,000 retweets. Not good.

I’m able to believe that this was just an oversight, and everything else I’ve ever heard about this kid is pretty decent and positive. (He’s even good at color coordinating!) Still, it’s disappointing that he didn’t have the good sense to look into what he was promoting. When you have half as many twitter followers as Barack Obama, you have a responsibility to not pour toxic waste into the brains of your fans.

People make mistakes, but this one seriously stings. We forgive you, dude, but please be 500% more careful next time.

Via E Online / Photos: PCN, Twitter