Any perfume lover will tell you that one scent just isn’t enough. They will say to you that you can have a vanity full of different perfumes and still need more. That is why fragrance fans will be very excited to find out that Louis Vuitton is expanding into the world of fragrance again with not one, but seven different perfumes.

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Louis Vuitton’s LV Parfums are inspired by flowers. They are described as “intensely feminine” fragrances so it’s worth keeping the collection in mind if you’re partial to rose or violet perfumes. Scents in the collection include “Rose de Vents,” “Dans Le Peaux” and “Turburlences.” Louis Vuitton has been highlighting some of the notes featured in the fragrance collection on Instagram. Interesting ones include the leather from the Louis Vuitton Maison, and roses from Grasse, aka the perfume capital of the world.

The luxurious scents come in refillable bottles and they will be available for $240 for a 100 ml bottle and $350 for a 250 ml bottle. For fans of sets, you will also be able to pick up a mini set featuring all seven fragrances. And if you’re looking to splash out, you can pick up a monogrammed Louis Vuitton travel case that holds three full-size perfumes. One great thing is you don’t have to wait long to get ’em. You’ll be able to get the LV Parfums in September on the Louis Vuitton website and in select Louis Vuitton stores.

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Pretty much every luxury brand has at least one fragrance to its name, but Louis Vuitton hasn’t had any in recent history. The last time they created a perfume was 70(!) years ago. This fragrance launch is long overdue. The best part is they’re making the perfume hiatus up to us by giving us seven scents to choose from.

The LV Parfums will be available in September at and in select Louis Vuitton stores.