A reader emailed near the end of April asking for me to please point out this gorgeous kit from TooFaced.  I took a peek, and couldn’t help but agree.  This is the Love Lisa Beauty Battle Box, from Too Faced Cosmetics and has been a top seller at Too Faced for a good while now.   The kit was inspired by the sister of Too Faced CEO, Jerrod Blandino, who is battling skin cancer.  The kit is $32.50, and includes two lip glosses, a duo face shimmer, and 4 eyeshadow colors.  The best part is that a “fat chunk” of the proceeds on this kit go to the Wings of Hope Melanoma Research Foundation, not just this month, but always. 

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so stay tuned for lots more about that from me – as many of you who have been long time readers know, skin cancer is a topic that is way closer to my heart than I would like it to be.  WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN </broken record>!