I suppose you have heard people tout the benefits of emu oil in recent years?  I have.  And I have tried a few different concoctions using emu oil – but mostly in hand and body lotions.

airbrush_emu_oil I have been using Dremu’s Airbrush Refining Eye Cream for about 2 months now, and it has become indispensable to me.  This was a product that The Oprah recommended on her show a little while back, and I am sure it has seen a huge surge of business since then.  I’m always a little skeptical of Oprah, but I gave it a try.

I have used some expensive eye creams in my time.  Probably the priciest one was somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.  Hated it.  I’ve used Chanel’s eye cream, which is slightly more reasonable coming in at just under $100 most places.  It has been a while since I have really been impressed with an eye cream.  Dremu’s Airbrush is a sweet and tidy $58 for a jar that should last you three months.  Here is what the company says about the product:

Gets rid of puffiness almost immediately… (less than 7 minutes). Smoothes and reduces fine lines and crows feet. A super light eye cream with emu oil, collagen, ceramides and elastin to firm and rehydrate dry skin around the eyes, vitamin E to prevent dehydration and free-radical damage, green tea extract to reduce puffiness, aloe for smoothing and panthenol for refining delicate tissue.

dremu-anti-aging-bundle I have really found all the claims to be true.  I love the texture of the cream, it is very moist, but absorbs quickly – not greasy at all.  I think the results are great too.  This is definitely something that I will repurchase when my jar runs out soon.  They have a promotion running right now – for $119, for Airbrush, Deception (anti aging face cream) and their pure emu oil – I am pretty sure Im going to go for that and check their other top sellers out.

As always, if you have tried Airbrush, or especially if you have tried Deception or their emu oil – I would sure love to hear your opinions on it.  They have a ton of reviews on the site – but they are ALL rave 5 star reviews.  Can everyone love this line this much??