I have tried two new lipgloss brands in the last couple of weeks that I thought I would tell you about – from Lucky Chick and Zeba cosmetics.

zeba lip shine [2]First off, the Lip Shines from Zeba: The colors are my favorite thing about this product, the two I have are #20, Shiraz, and #18, Exotic Spice. Both colors are absolutely gorgeous and very true to the colors displayed on my monitor. These Lip Shines wear like lipstick, much longer than a regular gloss, and the color is rather deep, not sheer like many colored glosses. Very pretty, and reasonably priced as well – $12 for a .14 oz tube. The one and only improvement I would make on this product is the flavor – they say they have a mint essence, but it is just not quite strong enough to cover the taste of the other ingredients. It is not unpleasant at all, it just could be a little *more* pleasant, if that makes sense. Great product – let me know if you have tried it!


DSC00266Second we have the interestingly gimmicky Lucky Chick lip glosses. I am not entirely sure that I could review the glosses itself unbiased, because the packaging is so nifty! I do love the glosses though – they are flavored perfectly (not too much, not too little) and are beautiful, sheer colors with just the right amount of subtle sparkle and a lip plumper to boot! Ok, but back to the nifty packaging – I have tried two of Lucky Chick’s glosses, first the Gloss & Glow. This is a generously sized lipgloss, with a button on the cap which lights up the cap. There is a little mirror on the side, so you can put your lipgloss on in the dark. Where do you need to do this, I am not sure – maybe a theater, or a bedroom before you turn the lights back on? Ha!

mint gloss luckychickThe second from Lucky Chick is the Mint & Gloss – and it is in a double ended tube, one end holds the liploss and applicator want and the other end holds – guess – little tiny mints! Cute, and handy! Jack & Hill weren’t so fond of this packaging idea, but I think it is great from someone who carries around lip gloss AND mints all the time. And I do agree with what J&H say might have been the fate of this packaging back in the 80’s. I have to say I thought the same thing when I opened it. But regardless of what you need it to hold, this is a groovy product, and again, a beautiful gloss!

Both of these glosses are available at Victoria’s Secret for $18.50 (Gloss & Glow) and $16 (Mint & Gloss.